Upcoming #gtchat on Emotional Intensity

Christine Fonseca has published a book called “Emotional Intensity and Gifted Students“, which will be released this coming week. Christine has released a chapter for free, so do have a look. She will also be guest contributor/facilitator in a #gtchat on emotional intensity this Saturday morning, 5am, New Zealand time.

Emotional Intensity is very common in gifted children. Dabrowski has written about over-excitabilities which cause many gifted children to be highly responsive to their senses, to curiosity and intellectual challenge, to imaginative ideas, to the impulse to move and to emotions. It is the emotional extremes associated with giftedness – dizzy heights of happiness, abysmal pits of despair, anger sometimes manifesting as aggression, with a dearth of level moods and peaceful moments in between – that puzzle parents, overwhelm gifted kids, and can even turn teachers from willing advocates for the gifted into people who simply shake their heads in exasperation and walk away.

I, for one, am always ready for a new take on how to handle these emotional intensities. Whatever one knows, there is always more to learn, always another strategy or another way to help. I’m looking forward to the chat, and hoping to get hold of the book.

Congratulations, Christine, on the publication of your book!

If you’re wondering what a Twitter #gtchat is like, here is a transcript including the last two, on Why Gifted Organisations Thrive or Fail (4:00 p.m.) and Smart Affective Goals for the Gifted (11:00 p.m.). The pace is fast, but it’s great fun. I have picked out some key links and ideas from the Gifted Organisations #gtchat at the Waikato Association for Gifted Children’s blog.


About Mary St George

I teach in gifted education, both online and face-to-face.
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