GO Storymakers

You may have spotted that I’ve hardly blogged since I got ill last year, but in the build-up to New Zealand’s Gifted Awareness Week, I shall make more effort.

This week I am totally excited about my brand new project at work. It’s a club for kids and teens who love to write and/or record original writerly thoughts. An online writers’ club, but not only for kids who write.

“Why do that?”, you may be thinking. “Isn’t writing about, well… actually writing?”

Yes and no. Some of the kids I have taught who can visualise the shape of a really complex story – one that enthralls, fascinates and surprises – have not liked to write. Some have had clear signs of dyslexia, others have just found that the flow of ideas is so great that they cannot keep still, let alone look at one still place – the page – in order to write on it. If you’e ever watched a great storyteller, even one sitting down, they are always on the move. These kids attempt to write that way, and somehow, if it doesn’t work, we send the message that they aren’t writers. It needn’t be so!

So GO Storymakers is there for young “writers”, whether they write or wax literary in other media. I think it will have the greatest appeal for young writers of fiction, but writing in factual genres is also welcome. Check out our web page, I’m quite proud of it! http://ultranet.giftededucation.org.nz/WebSpace/410/


About Mary St George

I teach in gifted education, both online and face-to-face.
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