Mass Blogging Event for #NZGAW

New Zealand’s Gifted Awareness Week is coming, and here’s how you can help:

Whatever it is that is dearest to your heart with regard to giftedness, talent and creativity, write it down. If you have a blog, don’t just blog it, choose a date on or near Gifted Awareness Week (13-19 June) and send me the date and a blog link. If you don’t have a blog, email me at because we can arrange for you to be a guest blogger on somebody else’s blog.

What can you write about?

Write about experiences of being gifted, of parenting the gifted, of teaching the gifted, of losing the gifted…
Write about approaches, services and opportunities you’d love to see to help talent to thrive and aid the gifted in giving their best…
Write about great opportunities you’ve discovered that should be shared…
Write about what you want of government in this election year…
Write about giftedness in one specific field or many…
Write about giftedness and culture, giftedness and values, giftedness and faith, giftedness and change…
Write about the gifted kids who struggle because they have great difficulties in tension with their great strengths…
Write about what should be researched, or what has been…
Write about the best advice you’ve ever been given with regard to giftedness…
Write about the treasure of someone’s giftedness in old age so that it won’t be lost when they are gone…
Write about what you are doing to get the message out!

Blogging will be co-ordinated from and if you’re not writing, or even if you are, this is where you can find out who is blogging to read, comment, link or share! I hope you’ll have your say, and I thank all of you who plan to!

Connect - Coordinate - Grow

Image credit – Flickr member Lady-bug – Some rights reserved.


About Mary St George

I teach in gifted education, both online and face-to-face.
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