Another Great SL Meeting in Giftedness

Roya Klinger, founder of the Bavarian Centre for Gifted and Talented, hosts monthly meetings on giftedness in a virtual world called Second Life. Today, our guest speaker was Margaret Meade of talking about MissionV, an amazing programme that has piloted well and is set to grow. MissionV brings together the strands of gifted education, e-learning, and game-based learning in very creative ways – so creative that it can be full of surprises. While students were very successfully moving through the expected steps of historical 3D reconstruction on the ground, it took staff a wee while to notice that they were exceeding expectations with a second group of constructions high in the virtual atmosphere! Margaret’s slides will soon be on slideshare, and video excerpts from these meeetings are posted on YouTube, so I’ll be back soon with links.

The slides: Thanks Margaret!

A newbie’s guide to these excellent meetings has been collaboratively generated by Jo Freitag and myself. Do have a look if you plan to attend the next meeting, when Professor Ernst Hany will be presenting. What’s more, if you’re Kiwi, I’ll be having a guided newbies’ session in Second Life, via Skype, during Gifted Awareness Week. More details later.

For today though, a little trouble-shooting help with sound. During a couple of sessions we’ve had people with sound problems. There are those special moments when we plug in a headset with the earphone jack in the mic hole (I’ve done it) and a few other little errors that occur somewhere between the keyboard and the seat. Check that other sounds on your computer work, to rule these out. Try without a headset if you’re using one. Some sound problems have been solved by closing Second Life and re-opening it. However, if you’ve tried these things and you still feel alone in a silent world, here are some more things to check:

Triangular play symbol at top right.

Check you see a triangular play symbol next to the tiny speaker icon. If you see a pause symbol, like = turned sideways, it mutes some kinds of sound.

At the top right of your screen is a control where sound can be paused. This usually affects streaming music, but strange things happen, and it can sometimes affect voice. Look in the area circled in the screenshot above.

Finding Preferences in Second Life

Control + P (Command + P on a Mac) or Me > Preferences at the top left corner of your screen will show you your preferences window.

If you still have a problem, check your SL Preferences. Hold down your Control key and press the P key at the same time. You can use Command (the Apple key) and P on a Mac. Alternatively click Me at the top left on your screen, and then click Preferences.

Sound and Media Preferences in Second Life Viewer 2.

Sliders at the left are types of sound that will not play.

Within the Preferences window, choose the Sound & Media tab on the left, and then gaze in wonderment at the assortment of bells and whistles you can play with. Or not, depending on your attitude to techtoys. Sound sliders are usually in the centre by default, and any on the silent left should arouse your suspicion, unless you put them there yourself. Master volume and Voice chat matter the most, and the tick box (check box) beside voice chat.

I hope that helps some of you, but rest assured that the sound is usually fine. There is a learning curve, but we have conference quality presenters for free. It’s absolutely worth it! Here is Roya’s page to tell you who will present throughout the coming months: I hope to see you there!


About Mary St George

I teach in gifted education, both online and face-to-face.
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4 Responses to Another Great SL Meeting in Giftedness

  1. jofrei says:

    Hi Mary
    I was so sorry to have to miss this morning but my dear old, old computer could not manage it! I do hope to be be able to attend the next of Roya’s SL meetings and in the meantime will view the video of this session.
    Thank you for all your help!

  2. I was thinking of you, Jo! Margaret was wonderful, but the video will be good too:)

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  4. I don’t know about wonderful Mary! 😉 The sound issues didn’t help at the start but we got there in the end. It was great to see the genuine enthusiasm for using this type of technology for learning. Thanks for all the positive comments.
    Best wishes,

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