#NZGAW – The Other Online Dimension

Blog tour

As an online teacher of many gifted kids who live far from other services for the gifted, I was keen for New Zealand’s Gifted Awareness Week to have the broadest possible geographic reach as well. Building on the encouragement of blogging in previous Gifted Awareness Weeks, and my exposure to other blog tours via #gtchat and my gifted group in facebook, I decided that co-ordinating blog posts into a tour would be a pretty good way to get the message out. I planned a week. The Hon. Sue Moroney did us an enormous favour by posting two weeks earlier than expected, so we then scrambled to meet the challenge of keeping a flow of blog posts happening between her post and the beginning of Gifted Awareness Week on Monday. It’s been a wild ride. Some of my friends have come to a very sudden awareness of what they didn’t know about giftedness when I begged them to write about it. But that’s awareness, even if it’s uncomfortable, so it still counts! Some of them have risen to the challenge and written anyway, to their great credit. I have been amazed and humbled by the support of the international gifted community. Thank you for your time and your writing!

And it’s working!

I can only monitor statistics for two of the blogs in use, but between those two, the #NZGAW Blog Tour has more than 2000 blog page views!


There is another online project I had in mind for Gifted Awareness Week that isn’t going quite so well. I have planned four Skype chats; on identification, differentiation, using Twitter to connect with the gifted education and advocacy community, and the basics of using Second Life – where there are gifted meetings once a month. I was aiming for low numbers, as 8 is really enough in an audiochat, but I wasn’t aiming quite as low as two registrations, which is what I currently have. Can you help me get the word out? I’d particularly value it if you could forward this information to people in rural situations who can’t easily find out more about giftedness in other ways. Thank you!

Skype Chats

Visit the Skype Chat Page for more information on these four chat sessions:

  • Skype Chat One – Identification of Gifted Children
  • Skype Chat Two – Differentiation of Curriculum
  • Skype Chat Three – How to use Twitter for networking and #gtchat
  • Skype Chat Four – How to use Second Life to attend meetings on giftedness.

What else is going on?


About Mary St George

I teach in gifted education, both online and face-to-face.
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