Who else is blogging for the #NZGAW Blog Tour?

#NZGAW Blog Tour posts are listed at Gifted Online, and those in italics have gone live. However, last year it took people a while to find the list, so I’ll comment on other posts here for the first few days if time allows.


As blog posts appear and begin discussions across a range of social media I’m beginning to feel the excitement of our ideas sparking off one another’s! I’m very grateful to all the writers, readers, commenters, debaters and inspirers who make this event what it is. Thank you.
Image CC BY Derek Key.

We had a spontaneous post yesterday from Jo Freitag. Jo uses pictures and stories to express ideas about the nature of giftedness, and the ways people think, in posts that are useful for discussing with children. She also celebrates many events in the lives of the online gifted advocacy community on her blog. Here is her “TBA Post”, which will be followed, I am told, by some research. It’s also worth looking through Jo’s blog for her Psych Owl Ogist series, which explains some ideas about psychological testing for gifted children. Here is the first Psych Owl Ogist post.

Today, Elaine Le Sueur gave us “Something to Smile About” on the World Conference blog. Do follow this blog. Elaine will be posting each day throughout the blog tour, and today she has interwoven some ideas about questioning and about children’s thinking with a little information about what will be happening at the conference. If you ever have a chance to hear Elaine speak on teaching gifted children, grab it with both hands. She is an asset to gifted education.

Sue Breen, Lead Teacher of Small Poppies and GiftEDnz board member, has shared a very touching piece of her own childhood to explore the qualities of a good teacher of gifted children. I know Sue well, and this piece of writing is the real Sue, not only because I can hear her voice in my head as I read her words, but because she is the kind of teacher she describes. Thank you Sue, for touching my heart (again).

I’m really excited to be back in blog tour mode enjoying what so many people in the gifted advocacy community have to offer. If you have something to offer too, you may still get in touch and blog for us. Leaving a comment here is one of the easiest ways to contact me.

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I teach in gifted education, both online and face-to-face.
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