Confessions of a gifted mother

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“Sometimes I want to shout from the roof tops about my children,” writes our guest blogger today.
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Our guest blogger is a mother of gifted children, sharing her story through a list of confessions.

DISCLAIMER: I may be gifted and I am the mother of 2 gifted children, but I do not see myself as gifted at mothering. I am a fairly ordinary, sometimes do well, at other times could do better, run of the mill garden variety mother.

I offered to write this post. As the TBA date drew nearer I wondered what an earth I was going to say which leads me to…

Confession #1
I asked my gifted daughters if they would write something about what it means to be gifted. Daughter #1 (11 yrs) was not keen. However she was prepared to write a list of her strengths – with some help from ‘See Jane Win for Girls’ – a book we are reading together by Dr Sylvia Rimm.

Here is her list

(Brainy) the brackets are hers

Great list huh!

Confession #2
I’m not sure if I agree with what my 9 yr old daughter wrote. She has however written it beautifully!

Everyone has their own special talent. It doesn’t matter about the outside, it matters about the inside. So even if you’re not good at what other people are good at, you are still as gifted as them, just at other things. If you think that you can’t do anything right, try again! Try your very best. Sometimes your uniqueness comes out when you’re not trying at all!

Yes everyone has their own special talent, but I’m not sure if everyone is ‘gifted’ – depends on your definition of the word I guess.

Confession #3
My children are not perfect (& neither is their mother!) They sometimes don’t do so well in areas they are gifted in. They got cross, fight and dislike their parents as much as any other child I know. Some days they don’t want to do their homework, practise the piano or play in their sports team. But I persist as I believe that at their ages, these things are good for them.

Confession #4
Sometimes I want to shout from the roof tops about my children – their qualities and their achievements. I want to talk about giftedness and how it has impacted our family. Other times I want to zip my lips, say nothing, sometimes because I feel I have nothing helpful to say. Or at least, nothing that will be understood.

Confession # 5
We must be some of the biggest users of our local library. One daughter will get a dozen books and be finished them within 2-3 days. BUT…we are not perfect at keeping track of said books. My husband is the master of finding the missing tome. Way under the bed seems to be a common hiding place. How they get there, nobody knows. We have had one library book ruined by being dropped in the bath! (Yes I did say no books in the bath…) I have paid for several others that have just plain disappeared never to be seen again

Confession #6
I have children that walk and read. One in particular is regularly seen with a book virtually glued to her nose. I am one of a minority of parents who occasionally wish their children would not read quite so much!

Confession #7
I don’t recall ever wishing my children were not gifted. I love seeing them do well and be recognised for it. I like encouraging them to do as well they can, to be the best they can be. I do occasionally wish life were a little less complicated, that ensuring my daughters needs are being met wasn’t quite the challenge it sometimes can be.

Ahakoa nga ueue
Kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui
When you find things that are difficult in life,
Stand strong, stand tall and be of great heart

(Māori proverb)

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About Mary St George

I teach in gifted education, both online and face-to-face.
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3 Responses to Confessions of a gifted mother

  1.!/ says:

    To be honest I 100% agree with your nine year olds writing and found her peice got to the heart of giftedness better than the list of talents. We are learning more and more to see intelligence in terms of ‘multiple intelligeces’ and when you consider the correlations between giftedness and autism I think it would be very wise to say that everyone has gifts or at least the potential for them, even if they are not very obvious – it’s just that some peoples are in the social-emotional intelligences or other less academic areas.

  2. Guest blogger says:

    Hi there – thanks for your post. I whoelheartedly agree that everyone has gifts – but I’m still not sure that is the same thing as being gifted. It’s good food for thought though. My 9 yr old would be chuffed to know you appreciate her ideas.

  3. giftedplusnz says:

    Hi, I love your 9 year olds piece, it is extremely positive and a great viewpoint. For myself though I think when I am referring to giftedness I am referring to “intellectual giftedness”, not to say that other talents are not gifts, but I found out my child was gifted through an IQ test, so that’s where I am coming from.

    I love your blog! It is great to hear stories I can totally relate to! We have the missing book fiasco at our house too, and strangely… the books turn up under the bed in the corner here as well! Walking and reading has become a problem, especially crossing the road so we have said no to that!

    Thanks so much for making us feel less alone 🙂

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