The Photoquotes Project – an image resource

I blogged about the Gifted Education PhotoQuotes project about this time last year. This is a project you can use or contribute to freely. It is a collection of images that include quotes about giftedness, or with relevance to gifted people.

These photoquotes have been used in the newsletters of gifted children’s associations, in class discussions with gifted children, in slide shows, in a video, on classroom walls, in blog posts, and in online discussions about giftedness. Many photoquotes are linked to the documents that the quotes came from, to give further context if that would be helpful.

The images should all have Creative Commons licenses instead of copyrights, so that they can be widely used. If you see one you like, all you need to do is check which type of CC license has been applied, acknowledge the source, and use the image. Here are some examples:

Jo Freitag ~ Just Like Growing out of Shoes

Kids outgrow IEP’s the way they grow out of shoes – an idea from one of Jo’s blog posts. How could you use this image to discuss giftedness with parents, teachers or students?

Laura W ~ The Stuck Times

Do gifted people really get stuck in ruts, too? If so, what gets them unstuck? Who are the best people to help?

Lisa Rose ~ Still just children.

How do we respond to people who often think like adults but usually feel like children? What are the pitfalls for parents and teachers to avoid, as we respond to this asynchrony with respect and care?

Please do visit the photoquotes project and use material that suits your needs. You are also very welcome to contribute, provided that you have an understanding of Creative Commons licensing, and have the time to spare.

Other great images for use in educational contexts include the Purpose Education images that inspired me, and these amazing images from Venspired. Enjoy these great resources!


About Mary St George

I teach in gifted education, both online and face-to-face.
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