Tell, Share, Encourage, Inspire

Here are some projects that invite people in gifted education and advocacy to tell their stories, to share their work, and to encourage and inspire one another. Please consider how you can contribute.

Is this a mega-megaphone? Image CC BY-NC theparadigmshifter.

You can use this fabulous device to tell your story of giftedness and creativity, or read on to see how else you can help us share ideas. Image CC BY-NC theparadigmshifter.

Next week (6-12 August) is the International Week of the Gifted. Next Year (2013) is the International Year of Giftedness and Creativity. In connection with these events, we are encouraging people from around the world to tell us what you have been working on, how we can learn from you to move forward in gifted education and advocacy, and how we can celebrate giftedness and creativity together.

The #IWG12 blog tour next week will include everything from school children’s suggestions as to how we should celebrate giftedness and creativity, to a professor’s explanation of how an entire nation has moved towards greater valuing of talent. We are still looking for more posts, and we’d love you to blog for us. We’re seeking positive, forward-looking messages about what we can achieve, both next week and throughout next year. We can host your blog post if need be.

This will be followed by a “stories and story sharing” project, in which we are seeking to create an ongoing trail of people’s stories of gifted education and advocacy. These can be blog posts, videos, presentations, sound files, photo essays or any other medium that can tell your story online. The message arising from your research into giftedness, the way you attracted sponsors for your gifted programme, the way you set up a new school for the gifted, the way you lobby government in your country – these are all stories we can learn from. If you don’t have time to write for the blog tour, please tell your story a little further down the track, to build up our “ideas bank” as we seek to progress gifted education, talent development and creativity next year.

#IWG12 and #IYGC logo

Leslie Graves, WCGTC International Week Co-ordinator, invites you to add your message to the tail of the kite.

Here in New Zealand, we’d also love 2013 to be a year of peak enrolment in gifted and talented professional development opportunities for teachers. I am hoping to host a blog series about the university courses and other in-depth professional development teachers have done here in New Zealand. Where have you studied gifted and talented education? How was it helpful at the time? How is it still helpful today? If the course you studied is no longer available, or is under threat, what message do you want to send to the tertiary education providers making the decisions? What can you share that will inspire colleagues to take up professional development opportunities that could empower them to meet the needs of our gifted learners?

Back to the books!

Where did you study gifted education, and how has it helped you? Please consider sharing information that would inspire other teachers to learn more. Image CC BY Horia Varlan.

I hope most readers find themselves able and willing to commit to at least one of these projects. There is an exciting time ahead for our field. You can be part of what makes it special for someone who would like to learn from what you already know. Please contact me if you can contribute.


About Mary St George

I teach in gifted education, both online and face-to-face.
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