The New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week Blog Tour 2013

It’s nearly time for the #NZGAW blog tour!

Blog Tour icon and link.

I am calling for gifted awareness bloggers later than usual this year, in order to limit the number of posts without sending anyone away. The generous offering of blog posts in previous years has been wonderful, but when they are at their peak some wonderful posts do not have the number of readers they deserve, because blog tourists have too many choices. And there is another problem… a certain teacher who still has wonderful students to teach does not get enough sleep when there are dozens of first time bloggers needing just a little bit of help each. Why support first time bloggers? Our most visited post ever was from a first time blogger. I think you will agree that we just cannot turn such wonderful writing away.

So, if you still have time to throw a blog post together for the blog tour, consider yourself invited to write. And if you don’t have time just now, please don’t worry. There will be other opportunities.

How to participate:

  1. Read some previous posts, especially if you have not blogged before. Blog posts can be opinion pieces, calls to action, responses to other relevant blog posts, or narrative accounts of parenting, teaching or research related to giftedness. Get a feel for a style that you like, and would be happy to write in.
  2. The blog tour starts in the week before Gifted Awareness Week, so runs from 10-23 June 2013. Choose a date within that time and email Mary with Blog Tour in the subject line. If you have your own blog or an organisational blog, please send a link. If your post requires hosting, say so. It can be hosted here. If you get no reply within two working days, please email again. Email seems less reliable lately.
  3. If possible, choose a unique image which you can include in your post. Often, when people share a link to your post on Facebook or other social media, the image will show, increasing that chances that people will click the link. It is important that you own the image or choose one which is appropriately licensed for reuse, and that you share that license information. Look for images suited to your message in the Gifted Education PhotoQuotes project, or try CC Search.
  4. If you are hosting your own blog post, please include the blog tour logo as seen at the top of this page. It can be anywhere within your post, so long as it is there.
  5. Write something! Email it to Mary ahead of time, or post it on your own blog on the date you have indicated.
  6. Check that your link appears on the blog tour page. Let Mary know if it doesn’t.
  7. Read lots of blog posts and enjoy.
  8. Share lots of blog posts and the blog tour page.

See also the 2012 FAQ page.


About Mary St George

I teach in gifted education, both online and face-to-face.
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