Step Out of the Soup!

If you are interested in giftedness, in dual exceptionality, or in any other special educational need for that matter, it is easy to feel as though you are immersed in it some days. Swimming in a soup of educational problems, while also trying to provide adequate responses, to get others on board AND to keep your head above water. No, that wasn’t supposed to sound dignified, because when unmet needs are pressing and systemic change is not readily discernible, it can feel like a very messy business indeed.

"Soup Divers" CC BY-ND Judy Robinson-Cox.

“Soup Divers”, CC-BY-ND Judy Robinson-Cox.

However, it’s blog tour time, and that means it’s time to step out of the soup.

Your blog post is an opportunity to tell it like it is, and to call for the changes you most want to see. Doing either of these things calls for clarity, and we don’t call fogs “pea soupers” for nothing. Soups are not famed for their clarity. So step up, step out of the soup, pick that annoying piece of broccoli out of your hair, and take a fresh look at the situation.

Here are some questions you might ask yourself about what you see:

  1. What does that ever-controversial term, “giftedness”, mean for you right now?
  2. What are the most pressing challenges you face as a parent, teacher, or advocate for the gifted?
  3. What are some ideal baby steps you’d like to see every school take in order for learners’ gifts to be noticed, valued or maximised?
  4. What is your big picture dream of how our society and our schools could respond to individual differences, including giftedness?

As you begin to feel somewhat “de-souped”, and sense some clarity on one or more of these points, you may be ready to write! Look for an empty slot on the #NZGAW Blog Tour itinerary and drop me a line. Blog posts will go live between 10 and 23 June.

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About Mary St George

I teach in gifted education, both online and face-to-face.
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