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Twice Exceptional or Just Exceptional?

Today’s guest blogger, Lisa Barlow, asks whether we have a limiting view of some of our gifted learners. When thinking about Gifted Awareness Week, what came to my mind was the perceptions of what is considered to be cleverness and … Continue reading

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I Felt Like an Outsider

Rewi, our guest blogger, read an open letter to Parliament by Hamish, and was inspired to write an open letter of his own, describing some of his difficulties in a previous school. He addresses his letter to two of the … Continue reading

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An Investigation into the Identification of Māori Gifted and Talented Students in Mainstream Schools in Aotearoa New Zealand

Guest blogger Emma Scobie-Jennings writes about her research. Gifted and talented education has always been a passion of mine, but as my career has progressed I have become more and more interested in how students from minority cultures are identified … Continue reading


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The Gifted Deserve More

Every weekday, kids go to school to learn. To learn vital skills for when they grow up, to learn fun facts to teach others. But for the gifted, this is another story. Some of us go to normal public schools, like any other … Continue reading

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Young Members of Mensa New Zealand

Please welcome today’s guest blogger, Annika Voulgaris, writing about her role with Young Members of Mensa New Zealand. My name is Annika Voulgaris, I’m 25 and I am the Young Members co-ordinator and Gifted Children’s liaison for Mensa New Zealand. … Continue reading

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Here’s to Gifted Awareness Week!

Here’s to Gifted Awareness Week, and here’s to Leigh! Please welcome Leigh, our guest blogger for today. Leigh was on Facebook, and did some thinking. I hope you’ll like what she came up with, and share that on Facebook, too. … Continue reading

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It’s All About Awareness

Gifted Awareness Week starts tomorrow, and awareness is exactly what it is all about. There are shared messages we want to send, and there are personal messages we want to send. Here are some of the things I want to … Continue reading

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Give Us a Challenge

Sometimes at school I feel like saying out loud: “Maths just has to change. RIGHT NOW”. What I really mean by that is, “Give us a challenge”. Well, you can’t really blame me. I’m a year 4, in the highest … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Parliament from a Gifted Child

A nine year old boy writes to his Member of Parliament, asking for government funding for a charitable trust which is one of New Zealand’s largest providers of gifted education.  13 June 2013 Dear Mr McIndoe THE IMPORTANCE OF SCHOOLS … Continue reading

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Your MP is Probably Gifted

Your Member of Parliament is probably gifted. Yes, you read that correctly. Think about it: Members of Parliament are popular… as the butt of jokes. People’s eyes light up when they realise an MP is actually listening to them, but … Continue reading

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