Give Us a Challenge


Sometimes at school I feel like saying out loud: “Maths just has to change. RIGHT NOW. What I really mean by that is, “Give us a challenge”.

Well, you can’t really blame me. I’m a year 4, in the highest maths group. We are getting things like 45 – 6 = ___. AT LEAST we could get 6 times table. I think that people with such talent should be getting better things. It isn’t fair for people who know this stuff. I mean, I have a really nice teacher and I want to LEARN. School is for LEARNING. Not remembering.

I feel good that some people are learning, but I only learn more maths at home with my dad. I like multiplication and division and hard subtraction. Some people might whine and complain about something harder, but they probably only do it because they always get easy things and are not used to harder things. And if you actually try, you might just be able to do it.

Maths should be a fun and challenging topic, not an easy and boring topic. Accept a maths challenge. You might be able to do it!

Written by Lara, a Year 4 student.

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11 Responses to Give Us a Challenge

  1. Hannah R says:

    Nice work Lara! I agree that Maths should be fun and challenging. I’m glad you have a nice teacher. Best wishes

  2. Jess@miniMum says:

    Lara, I really feel for you! It’s so important for all children to have school teach them there are things they don’t already know – the most important lesson for anyone, anywhere.

  3. My name is Bella and I am a year 5 student. I have been riding your train since year 3. I think everything in school should be challenging and fun.
    From Bella’s mum: thanks Lara for sharing. We agree whole-heartedly with your thoughts – challenge is SO important 🙂

  4. Mary Ginn says:

    Lara congratulations for grasping a subject that so many struggle with. Maybe consider the ones that are not doing so well will feel even more disadvantaged if the work is even more difficult damaging their self esteem further..Take a look at the “Khan Academy” on line and race ahead and enjoy the Maths anyway, it just means you will always be top of the class in Maths as I was and it will be a breeze. Maybe introduce this method of learning to your classmates so that they can enjoy the subject with you….You can also take the time to concentrate on other areas you find more difficult in life 🙂 .

  5. Yes! You shouldn’t have to wait until after school to do fun maths. There should at least be enriched resources for those who get the ideas and know the maths facts.There’s plenty available online e.g. .

  6. Vio Oertly says:

    Thanks heaps! 🙂 from Lara

  7. Anonymous says:

    Lara, I feel the same way about Maths and mostly Literacy at school. I am in Grade four too!

  8. Hanlie says:

    Lara I can see you are passionate about your topic. There is more fun in working hard at something difficult than in always getting things right the first time. I agree that it is nice for the children who struggle to get helped, and yes, they might be different ones from those who have a negative attitude and who tell the teacher the work is “too hard” because they don’t want to put in an effort. You have the right attitude wanting new challenges. Maybe your parents and the teacher can work out a way for you to get some extension in class 🙂

  9. Lily says:

    You seem very, very passionate about this. I am glad that you have addressed the subject because I felt the same way in Grade Four, and from Prep to then, I also only learnt new Mathematics with my Dad. Now, I am very happy, because I am in the highest Maths Group (There are four – Grade Four, Grade Five (my grade), Grade 6, and Year 7). I’m in the year seven one. We get to do hard stuff like really long multiplication and use new strategies like Lattice.

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