Here’s to Gifted Awareness Week!


Here’s to Gifted Awareness Week, and here’s to Leigh! Please welcome Leigh, our guest blogger for today. Leigh was on Facebook, and did some thinking. I hope you’ll like what she came up with, and share that on Facebook, too.

I couldn’t find a link or meme that portrayed Gifted Awareness Week that resonated for me and my perspective as the parent of a gifted child. It is a struggle to find the right words, that don’t sound like I am boasting about our child, or come across as very defensive. While it’s ok to post memes about breast cancer, autism, etc etc, it feels very uncomfortable to do so for gifted kids and education. (They are achieving, what’s to worry about right?! 😉 ) And while I don’t talk often about our amazing son and his abilities (unless to close family/friends who ‘get it’), I wanted to celebrate who he is and the challenges that he and all gifted kids and their parents and educators face. I came up with something in the end, and posted to my wall. I do wonder what response I will get if any from my FB friends.

“Here’s to our funny, intense, quirky, sensitive kids. Here’s to our thinkers, creators, artists and musicians. Here’s to our speech makers, future leaders, curers of disease, Olympians, the scientists and the computer programmers. Here’s to the question askers, and problem solvers, the worriers and those that carry to weight of the world on their small shoulders. Here’s to the twice exceptional people, who despite extra challenges shine through. Here’s to all their story writing, equation solving, picture and diagram drawing, complicated questions, sleeplessness, voracious reading, lego creations and minecraft worlds (!)

Here’s to the parents who raise them. Spend many hours worrying over them, and their needs. Who’s heads explode with the questions, mind bending logic and the sheer full-on-ness of it all. Who try to keep their kids feet on the ground, give them life skills to survive this world, and also be ‘that’ parent to make sure their needs are met educationally.

Here’s to the amazing teachers who ‘get’ our kids, and love them for who they are and attempt to meet their unique educational needs, within the ordinary classroom, and in specialized pull out programmes.

Here’s to politicians and the Ministry of Education supplying our children with what they need. Education isn’t about National Standards folks, it’s about ALL children having their educational needs met, at their own unique level, and pace.”

So yes, I did post that as my Facebook status, and just to show that Gifted Awareness Week really is working, I had a Member of Parliament reply. So here’s to Catherine Delahunty, and other Members of Parliament who are taking part in the Gifted Awareness Week conversations.

Thank you, Leigh, for permission to post this.

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You can contribute to gifted awareness by reading, writing or sharing posts. Please also consider talking to a parent, a teacher, a school board member or a principal about giftedness. If at all possible, write to your Member of Parliament.

Image credit: The photo used in this post is by Joshua Raymond of Rochester SAGE, and has attribution and no derivatives licenses.


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I teach in gifted education, both online and face-to-face.
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