Six Words Back (with occasional bonus words, too!)

BuildsThenBurstsOutI shared a blog tour post by Madelaine’s Gifted Kids students with some of my own Gifted Online students today. My Thursday chatters are aged 6 to 13. Here are their own six word stories about giftedness, which they send with Gifted Online’s thanks and greetings to Madelaine’s Tuesday class.

A gift seems to come with instructions:

  • Use this gift to your advantage.
  • Never ever change who you are.
  • Strive to achieve, don’t give up.
  • Do not be afraid to learn.
  • Don’t look back, but look ahead.

How does this giftedness thing work?

  • Well it builds then bursts out.
  • Giftedness does not come over night.
  • Giftedness has no on/off switch.
  • No one can steal it away.

We echoed the difference theme from Madelaine’s class:

  • I am different but I’m me.
  • Different, but not different some ways.
  • Proud to be different. Won’t change.
  • Extremely smart, but still normal though.

A dazzling metaphor about being the one who stands out:

  • A moon out of the stars.

Gifts are good things:

  • You usually have more life opportunities.
  • Giftedness is being never limited, ever.
  • Giftedness is definitely not a disadvantage.
  • Gifted minds NEVER stop growing…NEVER.
  • Gifted: Who said it was impossible?
  • Only limited by your imagination… Gifted!

We have a creative problem solver who decided that words in brackets, while clarifying meaning, should not be counted by teachers:

  • Never stop your imagination, always keep (it on).

People who absolutely always read Clarice Bean, and write very beautiful words, also get around the word count:

  • Gifted is inside you. Inside your soul and self.

I am told that this code will not execute because the parameters are undefined. This had such interesting parallels with what happens when education providers are not ready for gifted students that I did not count words here, either:

while (gifted)

And poetry. I am a sucker for poetry, as well. Six words on every line:

Is it because I’m a twin?
Is it because I don’t swear?
Is it because I love geometry?
No, it’s not any of those.
I was born gifted, that’s all.

And yes, that’s all for today. Please leave some comments for the children below.

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You can contribute to gifted awareness by reading, writing or sharing posts. Please also consider talking to a parent, a teacher, a school board member or a principal about giftedness. If at all possible, write to your Member of Parliament.


About Mary St George

I teach in gifted education, both online and face-to-face.
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8 Responses to Six Words Back (with occasional bonus words, too!)

  1. Madelaine says:

    Love these Mary!! Will share with my Tuesday class next week

  2. Tracy says:

    Can we have copies of these great six words at our events next week?

  3. Katja says:

    Oh I’m over the moon to see the kids comments here! They are simply stunning. And it’s nice to see that little girls, who utterly love Clarice Bean, are exempt from the word count…as are little programmers… Thank you Mary for always being such an inspiration.

  4. Lily says:

    Nice thinking, everyone! I really love these!

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  6. Kelli says:

    You children never cease to amaze… (me)

    Love them they are great

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