Six Words More

Today the GO Monday chatters respond to Madelaine’s class and the Thursday class with their six word stories of giftedness.

LearningSoulJust the facts:
Born with one or more talents.

Wild things:
Imagination runs wild. Free your mind.
Creativity runs wild, open to everyone.

Heart, soul, community:
Learning is the soul of life.
Discovering the things important to you.
Teach other people and learn yourself.
Gifted children, gifted people, gifted community.

Sensing, thinking, creating:
You see things differently from others.
You notice things others don’t notice.
Makes your brain think about things.
Thinking about things other people don’t.
It is thinking outside the box.
Special minds, working, whirring and creating.

Some days, it’s just not easy:
I find being gifted very difficult
Feel trapped until you find outlets
Giftedness: It came as a surprise.

But hang in there:
Do your best. Don’t give up.
Don’t be shy to be you.
Be the best you can be.

Because giftedness is:
A little bit of awesome, people!
Climbing to the top of mountains.
Bigger than an ant: Feeling giant!
Jumping up levels like a rocket.
Sharing ideas, learning, amazing being cool!
Going from low to high as!
Makes you think like a genius.

Last words of endorsement:
I think gifted is very amazing.
Fun activites, active learning, amazing programme.

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You can contribute to gifted awareness by reading, writing or sharing posts. Please also consider talking to a parent, a teacher, a school board member or a principal about giftedness. If at all possible, write to your Member of Parliament.


About Mary St George

I teach in gifted education, both online and face-to-face.
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