Why GO has Made Such a Difference to Me

Guest blogger Cecile is a student of Gifted Online. Here she explains what this means to her.ChallengingnessOnce somebody asked me “What is GO?”

At first, I wasn’t sure how to answer. “G stands for Gifted and O stands for Online,” I said. “It’s, err, a thing. You do extra work. It’s fun.”

GO does stand for Gifted Online. It is a thing (well, you would hope so. Everything is a thing. “Everything” has thing at the end so of course it is. Ugh I just confused myself.) You DO do extra work. And it definitely is fun. Was what I told her an understatement?

I don’t know where I would be without GO. I love to be able to test myself; learn something new to transfer to whatever I might do in the future.

Another thing I love about GO is how creative you can be. It’s not like school. At school you usually get told what to do and you have to do exactly that. There are so many tasks to choose from, and so many suggestions, but you can play around with them as much as you like and the teachers are really flexible. There is almost NOTHING you CAN’T do.

In fact – I know I’m going a bit off topic – but part of being a gifted person is that, in a different sense, there is almost nothing you can’t do. Okay, so I guess there is a lot we can’t do – I mean, we can’t make a giant toothbrush randomly burst out of the ground (and I don’t think anybody would want to because that is probably a bad thing – it could get a bit out of hand) – but gifted children can often achieve a lot more than an average child when they set their heart (and mind) on it. Now back to the topic, Gifted Online allows you do all that (I think that was exactly what I said before, but I repeated it for emphasis, okay?).

And GO is challenging. There isn’t a set level of challengingness – that should really be a word – it is as challenging as you make it. But it is still challenging no matter what, because 99.999(recurring digit) % of people who do GO are Gifted and 99.999(recurring digit) % of Gifted children love challenges so they make the task challenging for themselves.

I apologize if this article is getting really long, but I have one more amazing thing about GO that I would like to emphasize (yep, emphasis again). Since I was about nine I was held back at school. It was almost three years until I moved to a school where my teachers believed in me and acknowledged me enough for me to realize what I was really capable off. My new teachers are glad to cater for me and my younger brother’s needs and they let us take up GO Team, which is where I really belong. That’s the “one more amazing thing about GO”. It is that I belong there – that there are children and teachers like you who are there with you – even if they live far away and even if they are one or two or six or three-hundred and ninety-nine years older than you – who feel the same way about GO and the challengingness and the creativeness and the endless-possibiltyness of it.

People who look further than everybody else looks, and see things that everybody else doesn’t notice.

People who love to learn things and teach things that you can transfer to whatever you might do in the future.

People who care about you and comment and encourage you every step of the way all the time they are with GO.

These people; these children and these teachers – they are what makes GO everything that it is. That is why GO has made such a difference to me and my life, and that is why what I told that girl was probably-almost-definitely an understatement.

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About Mary St George

I teach in gifted education, both online and face-to-face.
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5 Responses to Why GO has Made Such a Difference to Me

  1. Lisa says:

    Cecile, you rock & you make me cry from happiness! So glad you finally found a home with GO!

  2. Lily says:

    Cecile, you know how much I love your writing as I have already told you, but, you are a great writer! Well done!

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