The Restraints of Being Gifted

Our guest blogger this evening is a student called Lily, who has also written for Gifted Awareness Week on previous occasions. Thanks, Lily!

CageOfBoredomOften gifted children have little opportunity to learn and expand knowledge. Teachers assume that we’re okay, because we aren’t struggling. They tend to focus on the children who are below level and having difficulties in learning and forget that we, in actual fact, are struggling, but in a different way to the people who are struggling to keep up. We are struggling to find new things to learn and to keep our minds active.

We try to learn through reading but often the higher-level material is inappropriate and our parents ban us from reading it. We try to challenge ourselves but often fail to find a good way to do so.

I am lucky because I have found GO Storymakers, a writing program for creative young students. Weekly, we chat on Skype to each other and our wonderful teacher Mary helps us find ways to challenge ourselves; to challenge our ideas, our perspective, and our writing. Not only does this give us a chance to learn from each other, but we can socialise with like-minded students!

It makes me quite disheartened to know that not all kids like me have such a wonderful opportunity. Some of them are left at school wasting their time on pointless tasks that require little effort. These activities generally don’t add to their knowledge or quench their thirst to learn. Some of their parents don’t even realise that they are so bright; they are often mistaken for below-level students because they are bored at school and slack off.

Sometimes I myself feel like I am trapped in a cage of boredom, but I have found some ways out of it. Gifted children usually have interesting passions and skills that they could be showing other students at their school. I am fortunate enough to have a great teacher who is very flexible and only wants the best for her students. After asking her if I could make a class movie, she agreed and gave me some guidelines on how to start. The rest was up to me!

This project gave me something to look forward to and it was a way to encourage me to go to school. Of course before the project started I was still quite happy to go to school in the chance that I might learn something and I could still talk to my friends at recess and lunch. Not only did this project improve my school life, but also made others’ better. They would come up to me every day and ask, “Can we do the movie today?” If the answer was yes, their face would light up and they would be excited, if not they would be a little annoyed but I would always reassure them, “Maybe tomorrow!”

This year is my last in primary school, and I think going into high school might present me with different challenges to face. I am glad that I have adapted to this lifestyle and found ways to make it more enjoyable. I hope all other students like me will be able to also do this. Thank you for reading!

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Image Credit: The cage of boredom image uses has had the words added by Lily, and was created by Alisha Vargas. It has a Creative Commons attribution license.

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4 Responses to The Restraints of Being Gifted

  1. Tracy says:

    Thank you Lily for sharing your experiences! It is good to hear about what has worked well for you – and what doesn’t work so well! I hope you can escape the cages of boredom with your creativity and abilities!

    • Lily says:

      Thanks Tracy! As I go on in life I am finding more and more ways to escape. I am so glad to have the wonderful teacher I do. 🙂

  2. ljconrad says:

    You are really blessed to have such a brilliant and understanding teacher like Mary. I had the privileged of meeting her and wish children everywhere could have someone like her in their classroom. Enjoy this final year of primary school; but I suspect you will find the coming years even more wonderful. Your writing is beautiful and I believe that it is within your reach to create your own challenges in the future!

  3. Well written Lily, always great to read your work, I am honestly proud of all your efforts.

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