A few weeks ago, I suggested on Twitter that we should #Blog4Climate today if it wasn’t possible for us to join a #SchoolStrike4Climate. My tweet didn’t get a lot of attention, but I always intended to follow through with it. So here I am, Dear Reader, contemplating the vibrant hope of our young climate marchers, alongside the gutting sadness of knowing that our beautiful New Zealand has somehow produced the kind of racial terrorism we thought only happened in other parts of the world.

I am grateful for the words of David Tong:

To all the young people who participated in the #schoolstrike4climate across Aotearoa today: You are hope on a dark day. You are light in darkness. You showed love on a day marked by hate. Never be silenced.

And yet I am trying to make sense of it all, as I guess we all are.

More than anything else, I am contemplating how thoroughly grief has eclipsed hope in news articles and on social media, worldwide. It has crossed my mind that the terrorists may have intended this, but that even if they didn’t, the impact is the same. I may have shed a few tears, but I have no intention of letting these terrorists blot out the happy optimism I felt when watching the climate protest today.

So let’s honour the dead and support the grieving in every way we can. But let’s also be determined to notice kindness and goodness everywhere we see them. Let’s be determined to honour today’s important steps towards securing a just and sustainable future.

This may be the best way to “Give nothing to racism” right now.

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