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Bullying and Mathematics

Like anyone else a little bit different in any way, the gifted child is at risk of bullying, and at risk of becoming a bully. The more different the child, the greater the risk. If kids show hugely asynchronous development, … Continue reading

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#NZGAW Blog Tour – The Lessons Learnt

Hosting a blog tour has been a lot of work, and a lot of fun. I’m really grateful to everyone who has been involved – as writers, readers, commenters, and linkers (tweeters, retweeters, e-mailers, facebookers and people who linked to … Continue reading

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Frodo, Facilitation and Feedback

The character of Frodo Baggins can teach us many things. He can teach us the value of perseverance. He can teach us the value of a best friend. He can teach us that one facial expression is enough for some … Continue reading

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