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Needs versus Merit in Selection for Gifted Programmes

Like it or lump it, there is more than one way to define giftedness, and more than one philosophy about how giftedness should be addressed. One school of thought holds that gifted individuals “just are” gifted, always and forever, and … Continue reading

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Assessing the Gifted

In a few hours’ time, the #gtchat community on Twitter will be discussing gifted assessment. I’ve worked with a number of gifted children, assessed in a number of ways, and here are a few observations and thoughts I’d like to … Continue reading

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Hard-wired for Height

Someone is gifted, or they’re not, we often read. You can’t be gifted one year at school, and not the next. It’s not about achievement, it’s about who you are. Gifted people, you see, have different neurological wiring. They are … Continue reading

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The Gifted Label

I find that I am unable to attend Twitter #gtchat at present due to a busy schedule, so I have decided that I will sometimes write on #gtchat discussion topics, and make just one tweet linking to my blog post, … Continue reading

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Gifted resources online – where to start?

  As many people new to finding information on giftedness online will be blog tourists this Gifted Awareness Week, I’m going to point out a few great sites that have been extremely helpful to me. Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page is the … Continue reading

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