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Becoming a Learning Detective

Some of the gifted children I have taught seem to be ‘knowledge detectives’. Not only do they detect new knowledge, but these children seem to do so with a kind of stealth which an undercover cop would be proud of. … Continue reading

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Unlocking the Cage

Guest blogger Nikki writes about the very difficult journey it is when a child’s needs and school provisions are a poor match for each other, and how it was homeschooling which eventually unlocked the cage for her son. “School is … Continue reading

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Twice Exceptional or Just Exceptional?

Today’s guest blogger, Lisa Barlow, asks whether we have a limiting view of some of our gifted learners. When thinking about Gifted Awareness Week, what came to my mind was the perceptions of what is considered to be cleverness and … Continue reading

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What do Twice Exceptional Children Need?

A beautiful child writes and writes with glistening eyes, every word a tragedy of mis-spelling, but every word spell-bindingly well chosen. Is her success as a budding author assured, or will the school of hard knocks teach her that she … Continue reading

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In Search of the Right Soil

In this poignant post, guest blogger Rochelle Campbell sheds some light on the challenging journey that it can be for parents of babies and young children as they unravel a puzzling mixture of gifts and sensitivities, often with little information … Continue reading

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