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Upcoming #gtchat on Emotional Intensity

Christine Fonseca has published a book called “Emotional Intensity and Gifted Students“, which will be released this coming week. Christine has released a chapter for free, so do have a look. She will also be guest contributor/facilitator in a #gtchat … Continue reading


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Best Twitter Finds Today

I am enjoying the gifted community on Twitter so much! Just search Twitter for #gifted or #gtchat, whether you are a member or not, and you will find posts with a smorgasbord of links to all sorts of things that … Continue reading

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Write-Up on #gtchat “Why Gifted Kids Need Each Other”

http://christinefonseca.wordpress.com/2010/08/28/another-lively-gtchat/#comment-3856 Christine has expressed so well the need that gifted children have for each other, and added further ideas about what parents can do for these children. Recommended read.

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Was just cogitating on possible definitions of twitterate. I had considered these: 1. twitterate (n.) Literate in twitteracy. 2. twitterate (n.) Rate at which tweets are tweeted. 3. twitterate (v.) To rate the tweets of others for such qualities as … Continue reading

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