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Peer Support – Is it Time for a “Think Group” Phenomenon?

It’s an honour to be blogging for SENG’s US-based National Parenting Gifted Children Week. They’ve started with a conference, and I hear great news of how well it has been going. Congratulations to all those involved! National Parenting Gifted Children Week … Continue reading


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Social Media’s Newest Toy – Google+

I’m playing with Google+, but being me, thoughts of slightly less playful uses keep creeping in. Free video chat will eventually be good for distance education in New Zealand. Exploring this possibility is one of the reasons I have found … Continue reading

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Bullying and Mathematics

Like anyone else a little bit different in any way, the gifted child is at risk of bullying, and at risk of becoming a bully. The more different the child, the greater the risk. If kids show hugely asynchronous development, … Continue reading

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