My name is Mary St George. Welcome to my blog.

I am a gifted education teacher, working with children of preschool and primary school age. Currently the largest part of my workload comes from teaching at Gifted Online.

My way of teaching promotes self-direction by learners, and a current professional interest is deepening self-directed students’ processes of reflection. I am coming to believe that students whose learning is self-directed must also play a huge part in self-assessment, and must be given all the tools they need to do this well.

What do self-directed learners need a teacher for? Often it is to help them re-kindle a sense of wonder as they transition to a new topic or conceptual theme. It may be to ask the right questions to enable children to discover something new about their own learning processes. It may be to help children find people or information to serve as models of what they are trying to achieve. Sometimes it is about showing learners their own work through someone else’s eyes, perhaps in contrast to other work in the field. For me, it’s pretty much about knowing students goals and putting myself in their shoes, then guiding them as I would like to be guided myself.

P.S. I am proving to be a very seasonal blogger. You’ll find this blog is pretty inert through much of the southern hemisphere summer. But when it gets cold in the garden, I’ll be back!


7 Responses to About

  1. Rachelle says:

    Hi Mary,

    you have and excellent blog which I have just come across. I have enjoyed checking out some of your links. I am wondering though about your Gifted Aoteoroa New Zealand links… Have you heard about Alpha Educational Consultancy? It has been a lifesaver for our family. As your site caters to primary children I would have thought it might have been mentioned. My son attends it as a full time education option, where his work is enriched, but rather than “extra” work it is all within his usual coursework. He loves this and finds it very fulfilling. He gets to interact with classmates from different areas/ages in a real time setting. Alpha is on the SENG honour roll for this innovation. But the bottom line is I don’t believe there is another option in NZ for our child other than full time home schooling. The address is http://www.alphaed.co.nz, I think it would be a worthy addition to your list.



  2. Mary,

    I came across your blog as I was searching how to continue to advocate for parenting of gifted children. As a parent of 2 twice exceptional children who are both highly gifted, I have many a story to share. More importantly, I created a simple approach to writing called “Write to Learn”. Too often we try to teach these children utilizing the same methodologies and approaches taken from the processes used in traditional classrooms. When that didn’t work for me, I set out to determine what would and ended up creating my own approach to writing. I would love to write an article for your blog about these experiences as well as share many of the articles, books, and other resources I’ve collected and posted on my own website as well.


  3. Belinda Howarth says:

    I’d like you to advertise a gifted conference planned for July 2012. How can I get the details to you?


  4. Hi Mary,

    We’ve featured your blog in our article about becoming a K-12 Curriculum Developer at Concordia University Portland (http://education.cu-portland.edu/blog/teaching-careers/k-12-curriculum-developer). Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to link back to the post.

    Also, it’d be great if you provided a quote about why you like being a curriculum specialist. We’d like to bring the description of the career to life as much as possible and provide aspiring curriculum developers with real stories from actual practitioners.

    I know you’re incredibly busy, but if you have a moment to jot something down and send it back to me, I’d really appreciate it.

    Best regards,

    Cathy Weselby
    Digital Content Producer

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